Tuesday, January 6, 2009

PNCA Dean of Students Receives Community Award

Michael Hall, Dean of Student Services at the Pacific Northwest College of Art, has received a community award from the NW Examiner for his role in creating awareness and promoting bike safety in the wake of two tragic deaths in 2007.

When two Pacific Northwest College of Art students were killed while bicycling a year ago, the small campus in the Pearl District was traumatized.

Hall called special meetings to help students cope with their grief and turn their fears into action. He helped mobilize the school and the city to bring in speakers on bike safety, provide low-cost bike helmets, create special bike parking and educate drivers.

Hall didn’t just deal with the tragedies, he went on the offensive and tried to do everything he could to improve the safety of biking around their campus.

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BikePortland.org. Read the full article here.
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